Drop-In Recovery Center

The main idea of the drop in center is to prevent isolation, promote recovery, and build skills in areas that can help build skills in the following: reception, cleaning/maintenance, health and fitness, warm line, public speaking, computer use and resume/cover letter writing. The Drop in center is open Monday - Friday.


Advocates assist those with a mental health diagnosis in overcoming barriers to achieve their individual goals such as: obtaining housing; preparing and maintaining employment; facilitating medical and psychological treatment for continuation of care, and coordinating transportation of appointments.


Food For Thought Program

To support recovery, we have a Food For Thought Program with MHAJC's fully functioning kitchen in the Drop In Center. The members are able to learn healthy portion sizes, as well as, skills they can put on their resume such as: cooking, dishwashing, and waiting tables. The Food For Thought Program also aligns with our "Adopting Health Habits" program through partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County.

Peer Run Housing First

This program is a homeless, temporary housing program designed specifically for chronically homeless individuals and veterans who also have a mental health diagnosis. Participants are place in one of our five apartments and will work daily with our housing advocate to overcome barriers to obtaining and maintaining permanent housing. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and hone employment, wellness and social skills, set individual short and long-term goals, improve fiscal stability, and ultimately obtain permanent housing placement.


Adult Respite Program

This Program provides a short-term/ 72 hour stay for those with a mental health diagnosis for temporary relief from a stressful situation in order to prevent a crisis situation or hospitalization (must not be homeless). individual will work each day with one of our advocates.

MHAJC's Integrated Services

Come Check Out Our New Integrated Services At Our State Street Locations:

The Mental Health Association in Jefferson County is offering the following services at our State Street Locations:

PFC Dwyer Peer to Peer Project at 247 State Street Watertown, NY provides a variety of services to include peer based emotional support, veteran resource referrals, crisis intervention, veteran advocates, peer mentoring,  individuals team and group skills.

Call our veteran center at (315) 681-6772 and one of our veteran advocates will be able to assist you.

MHAJC satellite office at 251 State Street Watertown, NY provides a variety of services to include housing, Adult Home & Community Based Services, and parental support services.


Agape Project

Primary focus is on assisting parents, who are at risk or have lost custody of their children. The Parents are linked to legal resources, and our advocate helps navigating community resources to support their mental wellness. Our One Parent at at Time support Group brings these parents together to share resources and offer mutual support.

Adult Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services (BHCBS)

Adult BH HCBS are recovery and wellness services for people with mental health and/or substance use disorders. Participants can get theses services right in their homes or communities. BH HCBS service are available for individuals 21 and over who are enrolled in Medicaid Managed Care Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) and found eligible during the assessment process.


Care Management Services

Accepting Referrals Now!

Contact us at (315) 788-0970 and one of our Care Managers will be able to assist you.

MHAJC provides the following Health Home Core Services:

  • Comprehensive Care Management
  • Care Coordination and Health Promotion
  • Comprehensive Transitional Care
  • Patient and Family Support
  • Referral to Community and Social Support Services
  • Use of Health Information Technology to link services and share data.
Young Call Center Team Talking With Customers


A peer-run, non-crisis service providing a friendly ear, assistance connecting to the community, and an opportunity to connect with others and share experiences of hope and recovery. Please contact The Mental Health Association in Jefferson County at (315) 788-0970


Smoking Cessation

Looking to quit or decrease your smoking?

We can help!

Individual Smoking Cessation Sessions

  • Education/Evidence Based Practice
  • Healthy Practices/Effective Interventions
  • Support
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Cognitive/Behavioral Treatment Strategies